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Chechen Culture

The Culture of Chechnya is reflected in many forms of art, both modern and traditional in style.
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 Images of Identity

The idea of a common Chechen identity has been intensified by the war.  As the Chechen people have essentially been forced to come together to face the opposing army of Soviet, and then Russian, soldiers.  The images seen here depict the destruction of Chechnya and the loyalty Chechen people have to their country as a result.  The picture to the right of this text is particularly strong in that it shows the importance of identity even to an innocent young child.  Although this boy cannot understand the political aspects of the war, he represents a large population of the Chechen people who understand the most important matters of the conflict:  death and destruction.
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 The Everlasting Impacts

The conflict in Chechnya has existed for hundreds of years.  It is not a result of history or ethnic conflict, but rather recent political incentives that have caused the war to escalate to such extreme circumstances.  There have been countless casualties on both sides that cause the wounds to grow deeper and deeper between these two warring countries.

This Chechen monument is dedicated to the victims of Russian repression.  The monument bears the words:
"We should not forget! We should not forgive!"
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Many of the images seen from war simply speak best when not explained:

 Pictures that tell all...

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Other Great Images

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