MATLAB tools for digitizing video files and calibrating cameras

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Features: Citation update - a description of the digitizing package and some of the inner workings was recently published in Bioinspiration and Biomimetics; please cite this paper when you publish work using this software.

Downloadable package with the MATLAB code and some documentation  - Recently updated (March 3, 2015), now compatible with MATLAB R2014b Thanks to Dimitri Skandalis, Elliot Immler, Kenneth Welch, Yoojoong Choi and Suzanne Kane for contributing bug fixes! -

Here's an older version that works with MATLAB versions that have aviread() instead of mmreader() or VideoReader():

Sample data: Calibrated video of a bat flying in a wind tunnel (29 megabytes)


The mp4 versions of these should play on most recent computers, if they do not then a recent version of Quicktime player should work for the Quicktime versions or an AVI player with the appropriate codecs available for the files in AVI containers.

Tutorial 1: basic operations and 2d tracking: mp4 (31 megabytes) -or- Quicktime (31 megabytes) -or- DivX5 avi (29 megabytes)
Tutorial 2: 3D digitizing: mp4 (31 megabytes) -or- Quicktime (31 megabytes) -or- DivX5 avi (35 megabytes)
Tutorial 3: 3D calibration: mp4 (40 megabytes) -or- Quicktime (40 megabytes) -or- XviD avi (35 megabytes)