Medical and Science Journalism Courses taught by Dr. Linden:

JOMC 560 (Medical Journalism)
The purpose of this course is to teach an appreciation of medical journalism and provide you with the skills to report on medical news for a variety of media including television and radio broadcast, print, and the Internet.

JOMC 561 (Medical Reporting for the Electronic Media)
In this course, students produce a six-minute medical television news report. As a participant in this course, you'll learn the following:

JOMC 562 (Science Documentary Television)
This course teaches the skills needed to produce a science documentary for broadcast on public television.

Other Course Taught by Dr. Linden:

JOMC 121 (Writing for the Electronic Media)
In this course students learn the basic skills of writing for the electronic media, including radio and television. Students also learn how to integrate their news writing skills with basic reporting practices to produce network-quality audio news packages.