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"Summary of Our Discussion of Free Will"

"Descartes and the Skeptic"

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Darrow's determinist argument

Darrow's concluding plea for mercy

Background newspaper articles about the Leopold & Loeb case

Some information on Descartes and his Meditations

Interesting facts about Descartes

Descartes face to face

And again

Queen Kristina of Sweden

Descartes' epistemology  (article from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, which incidentally is a wonderful and reliable site)

A whole Peirce site's bio on Peirce, with links

Princess Elizabeth of Bohemia


The Identity Theory

John Locke

Anna Anderson, who claimed to be the real Princess Anastasia

DNA issues bearing on Anna Anderson's claim

An Aquinas site

Samuel Clarke

William Paley

David Hume

A short essay on Hume's Dialogues and their reception

Stanford Encyclopedia article on more modern cosmological and teleological arguments

Jeremy Bentham's "Auto-Icon"! (you saw it here first)

A Bentham site

A Mill meta-site, with links

Princeton's President's statement on the hiring of Peter Singer

Some of the milder anti-Singer mobilization (there is worse, really out of control)

Brief synopsis of James Rachels' career