Philosophy 6F                                                                                                                                               W. Lycan
Fall, 2005



    This is no ordinary course, but a seminar.  That means it is important that every member of the group attend each meeting.  If for some good reason you are going to have to miss a meeting, please let me know in advance.  (And of course, you are responsible for all materials distributed in class, announcements made during class, etc.).

Late papers or exam

    Late papers will be accepted, but only if you give me a good reason in advance.  Unexcused lateness will be penalized by docking your grade by one (e.g., B- to C+).  Computer problems are not an excuse; if you use a computer you know enough to save often, make backups, print out drafts, etc.

Office hours

    My office hours are meant to be used. Please come and see me if you are having any kind of difficulty with the course or with an assignment, or if you feel you donít understand what youíre supposed to be doing, or if you just want to talk about some of the issues, or for any other course-related reason.


    You are expected to act in accordance with the Universityís Honor Code, with which you should already be familiar.  (If you are not familiar with it, go immediately to, because the Student Attorney Generalís Office presumes that you do know the Honor Code.)

    The Honor Code itself requires me to report any violations I encounter; not to report them would itself be an Honor violation on my part.

    Philosophy 6F is in no way a research course.  I very strongly discourage you from doing any outside reading of any sort at all, other than what I may myself recommend; it would be much more likely to hurt you than to help.  In reading your papers, I will want to know what you think and how well you support your position with arguments; I do not care what anyone else thinks.

    By University policy, every assignment you turn in must bear a signed statement indicating that it is entirely your own work and that any debt to an outside source has been acknowledged.  (In case I was not emphatic enough in the previous paragraph, there should be no such debts in the first place.)  All of your graded work for this class is expected to be original, created exclusively by you, and created specifically for this course.  If any material from any outside source whatever should turn up uncited in one of your papers, that would constitute plagiarism, a particularly awful Honor violation, and you would be charged and prosecuted.

    If you are uncertain about any way in which Honor applies to this course, ask me.