Philosophy 740


Spring, 2008

W. Lycan



        "Intentionality and Propositional Attitudes" (background handout)    

        "More on Stampe"

        "More on de Sousa"

         "Gordon on Categorical Imperatives, Possible Worlds, and Self-Presupposing Desires"

        Sir Walter Raleigh's poem, "Even Such is Time"

        Matt Priselac's paper, "Distinctions among Desires and Motivation"

        "Schueler vs. Williams on the Relation Between Justifying Reasons and Explanatory Reasons"

            A review of Schueler, by Robert Noggle   

        Schueler's more recent book, Reasons and Purposes

        A review of the latter, by Chrisoula Andreou

        Schroeder's Philosophy Compass article on desire

        Leonard Katz' review of Schroeder

        Stanford Encyclopedia on "Pleasure"

        Canadian Philosophical Association symposium on Schroeder, papers by Paul Thagard
            and Ronnie De Sousa

        And a commentary by Andy Brook