Course handouts

"Two More Arguments for Historicist Relativism (and a Third One, Free)"

"Two Arguments for the Existence of God"

"The Problem of Evil"

"Vs. 1"

"Occam's Razor"

Other documents

WGL, "Explanation and Epistemology"

A little social context (and a dreadful denouement) for Semmelweis

"Verificationism" (Chapter 8 of W.G. Lycan, Philosophy of Language (Routledge, 1999))

A Paul Feyerabend site, from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

"Historicist Theories of Rationality," ditto

An Aquinas site

Samuel Clarke

William Paley

David Hume (life and writings)

A short essay on Hume's Dialogues and their reception

More on Hume on religion

A nonphilosopher's theodicy (not particularly recommended; I just happened across it)

Fragment from WGL's "Suffering and the Goodness of God"

Two anti-theistic poems by Kingsley Amis, on the Problem of Evil

A site on miracles, from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

A site on cosmology and the existence of God, from the Stanford Encyclopedia

A site on Pascal's Wager, from the Stanford Encyclopedia (which inexplicably does not so much as mention Lycan & Schlesinger)

A site on the epistemology of religion, with discussion of Clifford, Wittgensteinian fideism, recent "Reformed epistemology," religious experience, and more, from the Stanford Encyclopedia

Two biographical etc. sites on Kierkegaard:  Bio 1Bio 2.

The Stanford Encyclopedia on Kierkegaard