Official course handouts

WGL, "Katz' Many (Alleged) Explananda"

            --DBO, "Some Remarks in Response to Bill's Handout"

            --WGL, "Remarks on Dorit's Response"

WGL, "Against Selection Restrictions"

DBO, "Quine’s Attack on the Two Dogmas of Empiricism"

WGL, "On Behalf of the Classical Theory"

WGL, "Motivating Peacocke's Project"

            --DBO, "A quick first response to Bill's comments on Peacocke"

WGL, "Comments on Peacocke's Response to the SOFIA Commentators"

DBO, "Responses to Bill's comments and some additional comments about Peacocke"

WGL, "An Alternative for IBSTs"

WGL, "Dorit's Issue Regarding Fodor's Argument"

            --DBO, "Re Bill's counter argument"

DBO, "Some Notes on Externalism and Self-Knowledge"

            --WGL, "Burge-Heil vs. Boghossian?"

            --DBO, "On Boghossian’s Argument Re What Externalists Know Apriori"

--Zena Ryder, "In Response to Dorit"

        --DBO, "Re: In Response to Dorit"

                                        --Zena Ryder, "Response to Dorit, 2"
--Janine Jones in response to Dorit
--DBO, "Where Boghossian Goes Wrong – Take 3 (?)"
WGL, "`Nonconceptual content'"

WGL, "Running Commentary on Jackson"

Other documents

WGL, Chapters 11 and 12 of Modality and Meaning (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1994)  (On Quine and against analyticity.)

DBO, "Putnam on Meaning and Reference"

Yaacov Ben-Shemesh, "The Classical Theory meets Prototype Effects"   (A critique of Osherson & Smith.)

DBO, "Language, Concepts and Culture: Between Pluralism and Relativism"

WGL, part of Chapter 8 of Modality and Meaning, "Relative Modalities"

WGL, "Against the New A Priorism in Metaphysics" (outline)