PHILOSOPHY 740                                                                                                                                                                         W. Lycan
Spring, 2008



              Joel Marks (ed.), The Ways of Desire, Precedent Publishing, 1986.

  G.F. Schueler, Desire, Bradford/MIT, 1995

  Tim Schroeder, Three Faces of Desire, Oxford U.P., 2004.

Written work

            There will be one short paper (1250-1500 words), due on February 14, and a term paper due April 24.  Topics will be of your own choosing. 


January 10:  Propositional attitudes and the Eternal Triangle.   Reading:  Background handout, “Intentionality and Propositional Attitudes” (distributed).   Suggested:  M. Aydede, “The Language of Thought Hypothesis,”  

January 17:  [No meeting.]

January 24:  D.W. Stampe, “Defining Desire”; W.A. Davis, “The Two Senses of Desire.”  [These and all subsequent articles are in Marks.]

January 31:  R.B. DeSousa, “Desire and Time.”

February 7:  J. Marks, “The Difference Between Motivation and Desire”; R.M. Gordon, “The Circle of Desire.”

February 14:  R. Audi, “Intending, Intentional Action, and Desire.”   Short paper due.

February 21:  A.C. Baier, “The Ambiguous Limits of Desire.”

February 28:  M. Staude, “Wanting, Desiring, and Valuing: The Case against Conativism”; M. Stocker, “Akrasia and the Object of Desire.”

March 6:  Schueler, Chs. 1, 2.

March 20:  Schueler, Ch. 3.

March 27:  Schueler, Chs. 4, 5.

April 3:  Schueler, Ch. 6.

April 10:  Schroeder, Chs. 1, 2.

April 17:  Schroeder, Ch. 3.

April 24:  Schroeder, Chs. 4, 5.   Term paper due.

May 1 [extra meeting to replace January 17]:  Schroeder, Ch. 6.