Philosophy 240                                                                          W. Lycan

Spring, 2006

Mind-Body Dualism

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Written work

One short paper (1000-1250 words) on a topic of your choosing, due February 14.One term paper, due April 25.


[Bracketed items are recommended only.]

January 17:What is Dualism?The “Body problem.”Varieties of Dualism.Recent “naturalistic Dualism.”Reading:[Lycan, “The Mind-Body Problem,” <>.]

Rebutting objections

January 24:Cartesian Dualism and the standard objections. ReadingLycan, Consciousness, pp. 2-3; P.M. Churchland, Matter and Consciousness, pp. 18-21; E.W. Averill and B.F. Keating, “Does Interactionism Violate a Law of Classical Physics?” (go to and click on the title there).[David Papineau, “The Rise of Physicalism,” <>.]

January 31:Non-interaction; Epiphenomenalism. Reading:Jackson, “Epiphenomenal Qualia,” pp. 444-46; W.S. Robinson, “Causation, Sensations and Knowledge” (go to and click on the title there).

A few Dualist arguments

February 7:Revisiting Kripke. Reading: Kripke, Naming and Necessity, pp. 329-34; Lycan, Consciousness,Ch. 2; T. Polger, Natural MindsCh. 2.

February 14:Jackson-Chalmers; matured Chalmers.Reading:Lycan, “Vs. a New A Priorist Argument for Dualism,” <>; Chalmers, “Mind and Modality,” <>, Lecture 1; Chalmers, “Materialism and the Metaphysics of Modality,” <>, sec. 3.[Chalmers, “Consciousness and Its Place in Nature,” <>.]Short paper due.

February 21:Rosenberg.Reading: Gregg Rosenberg, A Place for Consciousness, Chs. 2 and 3.

The “naturalistic” turn

February 28:Non-Dualist quantum weirdness.Reading:Henry Stapp, “Why Classical Mechanics Cannot Accommodate Consciousness But Quantum Mechanics Can,” <>;Kirk Ludwig, “Why the Difference Between Quantum and Classical Physics is Irrelevant to the Mind/Body Problem,” <>; Michael Lockwood, “Consciousness and the Quantum World: Putting Qualia on the Map.”[Quentin Smith, “Why Cognitive Scientists Cannot Ignore Quantum Mechanics.”]

March 7:Panpsychism: Chalmers, Galen Strawson.Reading:Chalmers, The Conscious Mind, Ch. 8; Lycan, “Recent Naturalistic Dualisms,” <>; Strawson, “Realistic Monism: Why Physicalism Entails Panpsychism.” 

Nonstandard Dualist arguments

March 21:The temporal anomalies. ReadingDennett, Consciousness Explained, Chs. 5 and 6.


March 28:“Filling in.”Reading:V.S. Ramachandran and R.L. Gregory, “Perceptual Filling-in of Artificially Induced Scotomas in Human Vision,” <>; Dennett, Consciousness Explained, Ch. 11.

April 4:Intentionality!Reading:Millikan, “Biosemantics,” <>;  Peacocke, A Study of Concepts, Ch. 5.

April 11:Personal identity across time.Reading:Chisholm, Person and Object, selections from Ch. III; Madell, The Identity of the Self, Chs. 4 and 5. 

April 18:Freedom of the will.Reading:Clarke, “Toward a Credible Agent-Causal Account of Free Will,” <>; O’Connor, Persons and Causes, Ch. 4.

April 25:Problems for a science of consciousness.Reading:Alvin Goldman, “Science, Publicity, and Consciousness,” <>.Term paper due.