Official course handouts

"An argument for Tony's comparative thesis"

"Two over-obvious objections to Dretske"

"Context-dependence and equivocation"

            --Comments by Ted Parent

                  --Reply to Ted's argument

"Dylan vs. Williams on the Rule of Attention"

          --Response by Dylan

                  --Rejoinder to Dylan

"Vs. Unger"

"Reply to Goldman's section 5"

"VE and lost justification"

"Reply to Stephen Schiffer on DeRose's behalf"

Other documents

WGL's Moore Against the New Skeptics, Philosophical Studies,  Vol. 103 (2001), pp. 35-53

WGL's Explanation and Epistemology (an introduction to explanationism), forthcoming in the Oxford Handbook of Epistemology, ed. Paul Moser (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

Keith DeRose's bibliography on Contextualism

Fog, Tony Smith's presentation on Dretske


        Lewis, in the Guardian and (by David Armstrong) in The Australian

                --Photos from Lewis' memorial service at Princeton, February 8


Samantha on Humberstone's modal-logic objection to Lewis

John Greco on Virtue Epistemology in the Stanford Encyclopedia

A Jim Pryor survey article, "Highlights of Recent Epistemology" ("looks at (i) contextualism about knowledge-attributions, (ii)  modest forms of foundationalism, including the kind of view I advocate about perception, and (iii) the internalism/externalism debate in epistemology, and its connections to the ethics of belief")