PHILOSOPHY 305                                                                                                                          W. Lycan
Spring, 2002

Skepticism and Contextualism; Virtue Epistemology


K. DeRose and T. Warfield (eds.), Skepticism (Oxford U.P.); A. Fairweather and L. Zagzebski (eds.), Virtue Epistemology (Oxford U.P.).

Course work

Each student will give two seminar presentations.  A term paper will be due on the last day of exam week.
Auditors are welcome, and welcome to give presentations if they choose.


January 15:  DeR&W, Introduction; Sosa; Stroud.

January 22:  Hill; Dretske.

January 29:  Stine; Nozick.

February 5:  M. Heller, “Relevant Alternatives and Closure” (handed out); S. Cohen, “How to Be a Fallibilist” (JSTOR).

February 12:  DeR&W, Lewis; DeRose.

February 19:  M. Williams, “Contextualism, Externalism and Epistemic Standards” ; T. Williamson, “Comments on Michael Williams’ ‘Contextualism, Externalism and Epistemic Standards’.”

February 26:  R. Feldman, “Skeptical Problems, Contextualist Solutions”; S. Cohen, “Contextualism Defended.”

March 5:  DeR&W, Unger; Nagel.

March 19:  F&Z, Introduction; Blackburn.

March 26:  Goldman; Sosa.

April 2:  Fairweather; Audi.

April 9:  Battaly; Greco.

April 16:  S. Schiffer, "Contextualist Solutions to Skepticism" (handed out).  [Prof. Schiffer will visit.]

April 23:  Zagzebski; Axtell; Hookway; Lehrer.

April 30:  Foley; Kornblith.