I.    What is the Internet

       A.    From U.S. Federal Networking Council resolution 10-24-95

             Word "Internet" refers to a global information system GII that:

                1.    Is logically linked together by a globally unique address
                       space based on Internet Protocol (IP) or its subsequent
                       extensions & follow ons;

                2.    Is able to support communications using the Transmission
                       Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) or its
                       subsequent extensions & follow-ons and/or other IP
                       compatible protocols; &

                3.    Provides users or makes accessible, either publicly or
                       privately, infrastructure described therein.

        B.    Easier definition = global communications network consisting
                of thousands of networks typically interconnected by fiber
                optic cabling.

        C.    A distributed network of distributed networks

        D.    How does it work?

                1.    Public peering -- lists of peers

                2.    Private peering

II.    Mission Critical Functions

        A.    Backbone maintenance

                1.    Individual ISPs

                2.   Wireless Internet Service Providers Association

        B.    TCP/IP development & maintenance

                1.    Organizations

                        a.    Internet Engineering Task Force

                        b.    Internet Engineering Steering Group

                        c.    Internet Architectural Board

                2.    Packet switching network

        C.    Dispensing domain names & database maintenance - ICANN

III.    The Internet

        A.    Essential inventions:  telegraph, telephone, radio,

        B.    Founding fathers:  Licklider, Baran, Kleinrock, Cerf

                1.    Time line

                2.    ARPA - DARPA

                3.    ARPANET

                4.    TCP/IP Protocol - 1973

         C.    The Internet Society - 1992

          D.   Internet 2

        E.    GLOSSARY OF GEEK