Cyberspace Law 

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Course Information

Instructor:Professor  Laura N. Gasaway
Office: Van Hecke Wettach Building, Room 5009
Phone: 919-962-8501

Location: Kathrine R. Everett Law Library, Van Hecke Wettach Building, Room 3025

Course Readings: There is no assigned textbook.  All course readings are available on Sakai..

Final Exam: There is no final exam in this course.  Students are required to create a website with a partner on a topic in cyberspace law.  Students  also  work with a group to create a webpage addressing the policies of an online institution.

Course Prequisites: There are no required prerequisites for this course but Intellectual Property courses such as Law 210: Copyright and Law 286: Patents are recommended.

Grading Policy: Professor Gasaway grades all facets, but student input on grades is gathered on class presentations.

Schedule: A course schedule is available here.

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