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Todd M. Lewis
Year 00 compliant for -98 years.

Check out how my UPS is doing. It used to be down most of the time, but it turned out to be a faulty serial cable. Go figure.UPDATE: Now it's down all the time. Budget cuts no longer allow battery replacement, so I've turned it off. It was neat though; you should have seen it. [sigh]

triple headed me

I work for ITS's Middleware group. We run application servers for people. So, naturally, nothing I do has anything to do with app servers. Some things I do do around here:

UNC Classification: University Staff
Campus Phone #: (919) 445-0091
Campus Address: 2210, ITS Franklin
(a.k.a. 440 West Franklin Street)
Mailing Address: CB# 1150 2210
ITS Franklin
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1150
Email Address:
Most Frequented Sites Stuff I maintain for others
hacker glider

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