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Using high performance computers and three dimensional models to simulate the atmosphere, I am working to improve our understanding of the formation of atmospheric air pollution. These computer models improve our understanding of the extremely complex chemical and physical processes that occur in the atmosphere. A better understanding of the atmosphere gives us the knowledge to improve the tools and methods that policy makers use to make effective control strategies to clean the air above our dirtiest cities.

What excites me most about my research is that I am doing something that makes a real impact on society. Millions of people in the world breathe danerously polluted air. Through my work, I am able to provide scientific advice to policy makers who make the decisions that can improve our quality of life.

As part of these efforts I have started a company to develop a technology that allows me to measure the toxicity of the air using living cells. For more information on this novel technology click here.

I am happy to be part of a top ranked school of public health. I also serve as advisor to the Environmental Sciences & Engineering Student Organization. I serve on the advisory board for the Scholars' Latino Initiative a program dedicated to providing higher education opportunities for Latino youth in North Carolina.

I am also a Carolina First advocate and a mentor as part of the Finish Line Program.

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