Vidyadhar G. Kulkarni 
Department of Statistics and Operations Research
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Office: 322 Hanes Hall, UNC Campus 
Telephone: (919) 962-3837 
FAX: (919) 962-1279 
Mailing Address: 322 Hanes Hall,
CB 3260, UNC,
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3180
Research Areas
Computer Performance Models, Internet Traffic Models,
Cogestion Models for Telecommunications Systems,  Stochastic Models for Supply Chain Management,
Queueing Systems,  Fluid Models,
Stochastic Processes.

 Research Projects

          Integrated Testing and Manufacturing Operations at IBM PC 
          Manufacturing  Plant, May 15, 1999 to May 14, 2001.

         Stochastic Fluid-Flow Models for Control of Communication Networks, 
         Sept 1, 1994 to Aug 31, 1997, National Science Foundation.

         Outsourcing Warranty and Repair Services, Aug 15, 2002 to Jan 31, 2004,          National Science Foundation.


Current and Recent PhD Students
  • Jianzhe Luo, Queueing Models for Health care, expected 2011.
  • Nomesh Bolia, Scheduling Algorithms for Wireless Networks, 2009
  • Nan Liu, Appointment Scheduling in Health Care, 2009
  • Liqiang Liu, Stochastic models of balking in call centers, 2007.
  • Keqi Yan, EOQ analysis in systems with stochastic production and demands,  2006.
  • Feng Chen, Admission control and routing in multi-priority systems, 2006.
  • Wei Huang, Managing warranty services: pricing, inventory and outsourcing, 2005
  • Pete Buczkowski, Managing warranties : funding a warranty reserve and outsourcing prioritized warranty repairs, 2004
  • Michelle Opp, Outsourcing warranty repair services : static and dynamic allocation for a fixed population, 2003
  • Elena Tzenova, An analytic approach to multi-class stochastic fluid models with static priorities, 2003.
  • Yasutaka Hirasawa, Approximating traffic parameters in multi-class fluid networks,  2000.
STOR 215: Introduction to Decision Sciences
(Undergraduate Course)

STOR 415: Stochastic Models in OR

(Undergraduate Course)

STOR 641: Stochastic Models In Operations Research: I
(Graduate Course)

STOR 642: Stochastic Models in Operations Research: II
(Graduate Course) Spring 2001

Supply Chain Management
(Special Topics Course)

Stochastic Models in Telecommunications Systems
(Special Topics Course)

STOR 790: OR Student Seminar

  • MAXIM: a collection of MATLAB programs to accompany the Undergraduate textbook. 
  • MAXIMGUI: a graphical user interface to access the above files.
  • Traffic Management in Packet Communications Networks, 1995, 

  • US Patent No. 5,434,848.
Prof. Vidyadhar Kulkarni received a B.Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, in Mechanical Engineering in 1976, and an MS and Ph.D. in Operations Research from Cornell University in 1980. He was a Visiting Assistant Professor in the College of Management, Georgia Institute of Technology in 1980-81.  He has been at the University of North Carolina since 1981. Currently he is the chairman of the department of Statistics and Operations Research. His areas of interest are stochastic models. He is the author of two textbooks on this topic.
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