OR 389

Operations Research Student Seminar

Instructor: Vidyadhar Kulkarni
Class : Friday, 12:00-12:50 PM, Smith Building 107.
Office hours : Any time, by appointment.

The goal of the course

The purpose of this class is to teach students how to give technical presentations.
Each student selects a paper of his/her choise from the given list. Then he/she
contacts the faculty advisor who contributed that paper, and prepares a 45 minute presentation
based on it.

Top ten mistakes made by students in a presentation.

The schedule of the course

  1. Feb 1:     Yi Ding
  2. Feb 8:     Feng Chen
  3. Feb 15:   Sugata Cakravarty
  4. Feb 22:   Jodan Ledford
  5. Mar 1:    Yoram Gilboa
  6. Mar 8:    Tao Huang
  7. Mar 22:  Wei Huang
  8. Apr 5:    Xiao Wang
  9. Apr 12:   Zhaohui Wang
  10. Apr 19:   Burhan Sandicki
  11. Apr 26:   Dipanjan Das