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Envr 400: In-house Seminar Series

0001 Hooker Research Center ~ 12:20-1:10 Wed.

Program for Spring 2015

Abstracts will usually be available a week before the seminar.

Date Name Title (click for abstract) Focus Introduced by
01/14 Dr. Carol Folt;
Chancellor, UNC
Joint Professor, ESE
Environmental Leadership Advocacy Dr. Michael Aitken;
Professor and Chair, ESE
01/21 Yuqiang Zhang
PhD Candidate, ESE
Does addressing climate change also reduce air pollution? Air Pollution Dr. Jason West;
Associate Professor, ESE
01/28 Sarah Hatcher
PhD Candidate, ESE
Industrial livestock production and "superbugs": what do we know and where do we go from here? Environmental Microbiology Dr. Jill Stewart;
Associate Professor, ESE
02/04 Dr. R. Wayne Litaker;
Research Fisheries Biologist, NOAA
Ciguatera fish poisoning: public health, ecological and economic consequences of this neglected tropical illness Aquatic and Environmental Health Dr. Jill Stewart;
Associate Professor, ESE
02/11 Grace Chappell;
PhD Candidate, ESE
The road less traveled: epigenetic effects of genotoxic chemicals unraveled Genetic Toxicology Dr. Wanda Bodnar;
Director, Biomarker Mass Spectrometry Facility
Due to inclement weather, Maiko Arashiro's seminar has been moved to April 1st.
02/25 Dr. James Sollome;
Postdoctoral Research Associate, ESE
Heavy Metal Bringing You Down!? Low Birth Weight Associated With Toxic Metal Exposure Environmental Health Dr. Rebecca Fry;
Associate Professor, ESE
03/04 Panitan Jutaporn;
PhD Candidate, ESE
Magnetic ion exchange (MIEX) resins and membranes: A perfect match for drinking water treatment? Water Treatment Dr. Orlando Coronell;
Assistant Professor, ESE
03/18 Eliot Meyer;
PhD Candidate, ESE
Superior solutions to an Erie problem: managing financial risk from water scarcity on the Great Lakes Environmental Financial Risk Dr. Greg Characklis;
Professor, ESE
03/25 Kristen Downs;
PhD Candidate, ESE
Platonic or hostile?: Characterizing the relationship between climate change and diarrheal disease Water and Sanitation Dr. Dale Whittington;
Professor, ESE
04/01 Maiko Arashiro;
PhD Candidate, ESE
Tree huggers beware: the biological effects of isoprene-derived aerosol Air Quality and Health Dr. Jason Surratt;
Assistant Professor, ESE
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