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Envr 400: In-house Seminar Series

0001 Hooker Research Center (BCBS Auditorium) ~ 12:20-1:10 Wed

Program for Spring 2016

Abstracts will usually be available a week before the seminar.

Date Name Title (click for abstract) Focus Introduced by
20-Jan Dr. Gregory Characklis;
Professor, ESE
Using Engineering, Economics and Finance to Solve Environmental Problems (and have a little fun) Engineering and Economics Dr. David Leith;
Adjunct Professor, ESE
27-Jan Joaquim Vila;
Postdoctoral Research Associate, ESE
Towards risk reduction and the sustainable remediation of PAH-polluted sites; a microbial issue Risk Reduction

Dr. Michael Aitken;
Professor and Chair, ESE

03-Feb Benjamin Foster;
PhD Student, ESE
The Adventures of sHuck Finn: A tale about corn, the Mississippi River, and drought Water Resource Management Dr. Gregory Characklis;
Professor, ESE
10-Feb Ryan D. Cronk;
PhD Student, ESE
When you know better, you do better: using data to expand and improve water and sanitation services in low- and middle-income countries Water and Sanitation Dr. Michael Fisher;
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Water Institute
17-Feb Dr. Kelsey Pieper;
Postdoctoral Research Associate, ESE
Is your well keeping you well? Examining water quality supplied by unregulated water systems in the United States Water Quality Dr. Jacqueline MacDonald-Gibson;
Associate Professor, ESE
24-Feb Breanne E. Holmes;
PhD Student, ESE
And now for something completely deferent: Endocrine activity of disinfection by-products Drinking Water Dr. Howard Weinberg;
Associate Professor, ESE
02-Mar Tianqu Cui;
PhD Student, ESE
Atmospheric Aerosol from the Southern Ocean:  What’s in it and how has it changed over decades? Atmospheric Chemistry Dr. Jason Surratt;
Associate Professor, ESE
09-Mar Tony Perry;
PhD Student, ESE
Metal Organic Frameworks: Potential tools for water remediation Nanoscience in Water Treatment Dr. Orlando Coronell;
Assistant Professor, ESE
23-Mar Sara Duncan;
PhD Student, Rutgers and ESE
Exploring exposures where we are: Another factor in indoor air chemistry Air Quality and Exposure Dr. Barbara Turpin;
Professor, ESE
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