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Envr 400: In-house Seminar Series

0001 Hooker Research Center ~ 12:00-12:50 Wed.

Program for Fall 2013

Abstracts will usually be available a week before the seminar.

Date Name Title (click for abstract) Focus Introduced by
08/28 Dr. Pete Kolsky
Professor of the Practice, ESE
Closely-Watched Drains: Frequent flooding in Indian slums, and what can be done about it Creative Engineering Dr. Jamie Bartram
Director, The Water Institute
09/04 Dr. H. Kenneth Hudnell
Adjunct Associate Professor, ESE
The Jordan Lake Controversy: Toxigenic Cyanobacteria, Nutrients, Quiescent Water & a Systems Approach to Restoration Engineering and Policy Dr. Michael Aitken
Professor and Chair, ESE
09/11 Raquel Azevedo Silva
PhD Candidate, ESE
Global premature mortality due to outdoor air pollution and the contribution of climate change Air Quality, Climate Change and Human Health Dr. Jason West
Assistant Professor, ESE
09/18 Nour Abdo
PhD Candidate, ESE
The 1000 Genomes Toxicity Screening Project Environmental Toxicology Dr. Ivan Rusyn
Professor, ESE
09/25 Sri Budisulistiorini
PhD Candidate, ESE
Tree and human-made emissions as major sources of atmospheric organic aerosol in Southeastern U.S. Atmospheric Chemistry Dr. Jason Surratt
Assistant Professor, ESE
10/02 Jeanette Reyes
PhD Candidate, ESE
Two sources are better than one. Estimating PM2.5 from observation and model outputs Air Quality Modeling Dr. Marc Serre
Associate Professor, ESE
10/09 Ya-Ru Li
PhD Candidate, ESE
Fine Particle Air Pollution in North Carolina: Sources and Effects of the Clean Smokestacks Act Exposure Assessment Dr. Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson
Assistant Professor, ESE
Fall break - No seminar
10/23 Anne Galyean
PhD Candidate, ESE
Engineered nanoparticles in natural waters: Finding a needle in a haystack of needles Aquatic Chemistry Dr. Howard Weinberg
Associate Professor, ESE
10/30 Yvonne Yuen
PhD Candidate, ESE
New and Improved Methods to Detect Fecal Indicator Viruses for Beach Water Quality Monitoring Recreational Microbial Water Quality Dr. Mark Sobsey
Kenan Distinguished Professor, ESE
11/06 Amanda Dye
PhD Candidate, ESE
Going with the Flow: Lattice Boltzmann Modeling of Multiphase Flow in Porous Medium Systems Environmental Modeling Dr. Cass Miller
Okun Distinguished Professor, ESE
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