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Envr 400: In-house Seminar Series

0001 Hooker Research Center ~ 12:00-12:50 Wed.

Program for Spring 2013

Abstracts will usually be available a week before the seminar.

Date Name Title (click for abstract) Focus Introduced by
01/16 Dr. Courtney Woods
Lecturer, ESE
Classes for the Masses: How Online Learning and Community-Based Participatory Research can Democratize Education and Scientific Research Education Sarah Hatcher
PhD Candidate, ESE
01/23 Jordan D. Kern
PhD Candidate, ESE
The Impacts of Electricity Market Deregulation and Wind Power Integration on the Health of River Ecosystems Water and Energy Resource Management Dr. Gregory Characklis
Professor, ESE
01/30 Kyle P. Messier
PhD Candidate, ESE
North Carolina Radon: Drinking Water with a Geology Problem Water Quality and Modeling Dr. Marc Serre
Associate Professor, ESE
02/06 José Zavala
PhD Candidate, ESE
Mimicking the Lungs: Developing New in vitro Technology for Studying the Toxicity of Air Pollution Exposure Science and Engineering Dr. Ken Sexton
Research Assistant Professor, ESE
02/13 Matthew Woody
PhD Candidate, ESE
What TSA Screening Doesn't Detect: Organic Aerosols from Aircraft Air Quality Modeling Dr. Jason West
Assistant Professor, ESE
02/20 Eric T. Staunton
PhD Candidate, ESE
N-2 The Future: Towards Sustainable Hog Waste Management Environmental Engineering Dr. Michael Aitken
Professor and Chair, ESE
02/27 Dr. Roham Bakhtyar
Postdoctoral Researcher, ESE
Sediments on the Move: How to Predict Their Effect on our Changing Coastlines Environmental Modeling Dr. Casey Miller
Professor, ESE
03/06 Dr. Vanessa Pereira
Visiting Scholar, Johns Hopkins University
Drinking Water Quality and Treatment Research on Both Sides of the Atlantic Water Quality Dr. Howard Weinberg
Faculty, ESE
Spring Break
03/20 Nick B. DeFelice
PhD Candidate, ESE
North Carolina's Burden of Disease Due to Drinking Water Health Sciences Dr. Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson
Assistant Professor, ESE
03/27 Matthew A. Stiegel
PhD Candidate, ESE
Feeling stressed? Your biomarkers will tell you just how much Exposure Assessment Dr. Mike Flynn
Professor, ESE
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