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Information for Students

ESE graduate students fulfilling the ESE graduation requirement

Non-ESE graduate students

Undergraduates / Others

Special note for all students:

Attendance is recorded only by use of your ONE CARD.

You have two obligations to ensure that your attendance at a seminar will be counted towards your overall course requirement:

  1. Upon entering the lecture room locate the TA at the back of the room who will scan your card after identifying that you are the card holder. If you enter the room after the seminar speaker has begun talking you will not be able to obtain attendance credit for that seminar. You must stay until the completion of the seminar (which includes the discussion period) or when the course moderator announces that those students with classes to attend may leave (whichever is the earlier). Students who leave the seminar before its completion as described here will forfeit their attendance credit at that seminar.
  2. You must submit feedback for at least half of the seminars that you attend in any semester. This applies whether you are registered for the course in that semester or simply accumulating seminars towards the overall requirement. This means that if you attend nine seminars and only provide feedback for four of them, you will only receive credit for eight seminars. If you provide feedback for five or more, all nine will count.

    At the conclusion of each seminar, please to go to the course web site and access the Feedback page ( Submit this feedback, following the instructions provided, NO LATER than Friday at noon for the seminar presented that week. Provide an objective critique of the seminar based on the course objectives. Before attending the seminar you may wish to print out the form and list of objectives so that they can generate your responses while the presentation is fresh in their memory. Feedback that is late, incomplete, generic, or in any other way indicative of failure to have paid attention to the presentation will be rejected and attendance at that seminar disqualified.

    We ask for your feedback to help the speakers (your PhD-track colleagues) improve their future performance and many have expressed their appreciation for this information. Try not to choose only those speakers you know or subject matter that you are acquainted with. Students' names will be removed from comments that are forwarded to speakers.