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Envr 400: In-house Seminar Series

0001 Hooker Research Center ~ 12:00-12:50 Wed.

Program for Spring 2014

Abstracts will usually be available a week before the seminar.

Date Name Title (click for abstract) Focus Introduced by
01/15 Dr. John Bane
Joint Professor
Marine Sciences and ESE
Renewable Energy from Coastal North Carolina: Tapping the Ocean for Our Expanding Energy Needs Renewable Energy Dr. Cass T. Miller
Okun Distinguished Professor, ESE
01/22 Theodore J. Mansfield
PhD Candidate, ESE
Where the sidewalk doesn’t end: Estimating the health impacts of pedestrian infrastructure Health Impact Assessment Dr. Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson
Assistant Professor, ESE
Moved due to inclement weather
02/05 Harrison B. Zeff
PhD Candidate, ESE
Finance: Not a Four-Letter Word Environmental Financial Risk Dr. Gregory Characklis
Professor, ESE
Moved due to inclement weather
02/19 Prahlad Jat
PhD Candidate, ESE
Geostatistical Estimation of Water Quality along Rivers Water Quality Dr. Marc Serre
Associate Professor, ESE
02/26 Jonathan Crocker
PhD Candidate, ESE
Putting the value in evaluation: sanitation studies from Africa Sanitation and Hygiene Dr. James Bartram
Holzworth Distinguished Professor, ESE
03/05 Lin Lin
PhD Candidate, ESE
Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Membranes: Technologies that Enable the Use of Alternative Drinking Water Sources Water Treatment Dr. Orlando Coronell
Assistant Professor, ESE
03/19 Zachary G. Robbins
PhD Candidate, ESE
Are biomarkers worth the effort? A example of a method development for monitoring exposure to isocyanates Exposure Assessment Dr. Leena Nylander-French
Professor, ESE
03/26 Alice Wang
PhD Candidate, ESE
Water we testing for? An evaluation of the Compartment Bag Test Drinking Water Microbiology Dr. Mark Sobsey
Kenan Distinguished Professor, ESE
04/02 Yadong Xu
PhD Candidate, ESE
Integration of observation and air quality model data for improved exposure estimates Air Quality Modeling Dr. William Vizuete
Associate Professor, ESE
04/09 Mike Fisher
Postdoctoral Research Associate, ESE
Why do germs get sunburns? Photoinactivation of bacteria and viruses by sunlight: mechanistic studies and applications to drinking water and sanitation in developing country settings Drinking Water Sanitation Dr. Peter Kolsky
Professor of the Practice, ESE
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