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We welcome feedback and will use constructive comments to continually improve this series. Responses and reviews will be given to the speaker after identification information has been removed.

Students who want credit for attendance (as described under must fill out all the fields; all others may fill out as much or as little as they please. Please complete this form this no later than Friday at noon for the seminar presented that same week so that the information can be collated and sent to the speaker while the seminar is still fresh in their mind! Feedback submitted later than that will not count.

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    Anything less than two well thought out and grammatically correct sentences for each question will render your feedback invalid.

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Name of speaker:

Please answer each question in a SINGLE PARAGRAPH. Do not use the return or enter key.

ABOUT YOU: What is your field of expertise or background?

ABOUT THE TOPIC: Summarize the relevance of the topic to public health and the environment.

THE SPEAKER WAS ASKED TO TALK TO YOU. Indicate, with at least 2 examples, how the speaker reached out to you. If you feel they didn't, give two simple ways in which they could have achieved this.

ORAL STYLE: Comment on the overall polish of the presentation. Help the speaker improve their skills - give 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses.

BALANCE:  Was sufficient background presented to set the context for the material presented? Give one hypothesis presented and indicate how the speaker set out to prove or disprove it.

VISUAL MATERIAL: Were any specialized terms used by the speaker that you didn't understand by the end of the seminar?  The slides should not distract from the speaker's oral presentation but help to enhance it. Give 2 examples of how this was achieved and 2 suggestions for helping to meet this objective.

ADVANCING KNOWLEDGE: Give two examples from the work presented indicating how the speaker will be advancing the body of knowledge about their subject.

WHAT DID YOU LEARN: From the seminar home page, identify the title and focus of today's seminar. Do they both accurately reflect what was presented today? Describe two aspects of the focus presented by the speaker.

FUTURE COLLABORATION: What potential do you see for the seminar speaker's research to cross-collaborate with other labs in the ESE department (or across the school, in general)? Give one for your research interests and one more broadly. State which part of the seminar you are relating to.

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