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Envr 400: In-house Seminar Series

2301 McGavran-Greenberg ~ 12:20-1:10 Wed

Program for Spring 2017

Abstracts will usually be available a week before the seminar.

Date Name Title (click for abstract) Focus Introduced by
Jan 18 Dr. Kun Lu
Faculty, ESE
Artificial Sweeteners and Gut Microbiome: Friend or Foe Environmental Toxicology Dr. Rebecca Fry
Faculty, ESE
Jan 25 Emily Bailey
PhD Student, ESE
When Will We Drink It? Microbial Quality and Health Risks of Direct Potable Reuse in North Carolina Environmental Health Dr. Mark Sobsey
Faculty, ESE
Feb 1 Dr. Chris Martens
Joint Faculty, Marine Sciences and ESE
Methane Plumes from the Deepwater Horizon Disaster and Natural Seeps in the Deep Northern Gulf of Mexico   Marine Environments Dr. Casey Miller
Faculty, ESE
Feb 8 Dr. John Tomaro
Adjunct Faculty, ESE
Addressing the Built Environment Challenges in High Mountain Regions of Central Asia: Gilgit Baltistan (Pakistan) and Gorno-Badakhshan (Tajikistan) Built Environment Dr. Jamie Bartram
Faculty, ESE
Feb 15 Sean Watford
PhD Student, ESE
Mining Big Data in Toxicology: Making Sense of the Ridiculome Computational Toxicology Dr. Matt Martin
Research Biologist, EPA
Feb 22 Zhenyu Tian
PhD Student, ESE
Finding a Toxic Needle in a Really Big Haystack: Non-Targeted Analysis Reveals a Novel Bacterial Metabolite of Pyrene Implicated in Genotoxicity of Bioremediated Soil Bioremediation Dr. Mike Aitken
Faculty, ESE
Mar 1 Elizabeth Christenson
PhD Student, ESE
All that Glimmers is Not Gold: Understanding How Land Use Characteristics Affect the Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistant E. Coli in Watersheds with and without Swine CAFOs Environmental Microbiology Dr. Jill Stewart
Faculty, ESE
Mar 8 Dr. Sophie Tomaz
Postdoctoral Researcher, ESE
Set Fire to the Rain: Wildfire Chemical Emissions, Processes and Impacts Atmospheric Chemistry Dr. Barbara Turpin
Chair, ESE
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