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Envr 400: In-house Seminar Series

0001 Hooker Research Center ~ 12:00-12:50 Wed.

Program for Fall 2014

Abstracts will usually be available a week before the seminar.

Date Name Title (click for abstract) Focus Introduced by
08/27 Dr. Pete Andrews
Professor, Public Policy, City and Regional Planning, ESE
Environmental Impact Assessment: Explaining "Significant Impacts" to Your "Significant Other" Risk Assessment Dr. Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson
Assoc Professor, ESE
09/03 Pradeepa Vennam
PhD Candidate, ESE
"Fly the Friendly Skies"; But It's Time to Care About Them: Air Quality Impact from Aviation Air Quality Monitoring Dr. Sarav Arunachalam
Res Assoc Professor, Center for Environmental Modeling for Policy Development
09/10 Dr. Lydia Abebe
Postdoctoral Trainee, ESE
Silver-Impregnated Ceramic Water Filters to Improve Water Quality and Health Water and Sanitation Dr. Pete Kolsky
Assoc Director, Water Institute
09/17 Maya Nadimpalli
PhD Candidate, ESE
Meat, Antibiotics, and Infectious Disease Environmental Microbiology Dr. Jill Stewart
Assoc Professor, ESE
09/24 Dr. Susan White
Executive Director, NC Sea Grant and WRRI
Sea Grant and WRRI, Dance Partners You Should Definitely Know! Environmental Research Dr. Jill Stewart
Assoc Professor, ESE
10/01 Maura Allaire
PhD Candidate, ESE
Shelter from the Storm: A Field Experiment to Encourage Flood Mitigation Water Resources Management Dr. Dale Whittington
Professor, ESE
10/08 Joshua Miller
Graduate Teaching Fellow, Dept of Political Sciences
Better Living through (Ethical) Research Research Integrity Dr. Howard Weinberg
Professor, ESE
10/22 Alden Adrion
PhD Candidate, ESE
Surfactant-enhanced Bioremediation: Helping Microbes do our Dirty Work Bioremediation Dr. Mike Aitken
Professor and Chair, ESE
10/29 Patsy Polston
PhD Candidate, ESE
The Adventures of Poo - A Solid Tracking sTOOL Environmental Microbiology Dr. Jill Stewart
Assoc Professor, ESE
11/05 Edema Ojomo
PhD Candidate, ESE
T.R.U.I.S.M: The Self-evident Truth About Advancing Water Safety at Home Water Quality Dr. Jamie Bartram
Don and Jennifer Holzworth Distinguished Professor, ESE
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