Note: Graduate students in ENVR should only enroll in ENVR 400 in the semester in which they anticipate fulfilling the seminar requirements. See the information for students for more details. Students from other departments are welcome to enroll in this class for 1 credit hour, but they will have to seek permission from Dr Weinberg before doing so.

Special Instructions for Undergraduates. You must enroll in the office of the Dean of your school for a pass/fail grade on this course. Please see the details in the information for undergraduates.

The course number is ENVR 400.
The class number for Spring 2018 is 8317.

Important Dates:

Wednesday January 10th - Classes begin for all students; Late registration/enrollment begins.

Wednesday January 17th - Last day to add a course; Late registration/enrollment ends.

How to Enroll

Enroll via the web at Connect Carolina (http://my.unc.edu/dt). 

Registration/Enrollment Guide
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