Information for Students

ESE Graduate and Dual-Degree Students

Non-ESE Graduate and Undergraduate Students

For all Students

Participation in ENVR 400 is judged by attendance and feedback. This applies whether you are taking the course for credit or working towards the graduate requirement.


Attendance is recorded only by use of your ONE Card, which must be scanned by the TA (usually at the back of the room).

You will receive NO CREDIT if:


You must submit feedback for at least half of the seminars that you attend in any semester. This means that if you attend nine seminars and only provide feedback for four of them, you will only receive credit for eight seminars. If you provide feedback for five or more, all nine will count.

The feedback form is located on the Sakai site for ENVR 400, which is open to all ESE graduate students regardless of enrollment. (If you do not have access, please provide your onyen to the TA or Robin Whitley.) The form will open each week immediately after the seminar. The form WILL CLOSE that Friday at noon.

We ask for your feedback to help the speakers (your PhD-track colleagues) improve their future performance and many have expressed their appreciation for this information, so please try to give substantive critiques. Students' names will be removed from comments that are forwarded to speakers.

Sample feedback questions

No laptops are allowed. You may bring lunch but please respect your neighbors.