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ESE Seminar Requirement (ENVR 400) for all Graduate Students

All ESE masters and doctoral students have the following seminar requirement for graduation.

Credit for attendance is described under "Special note for all students."

ENVR students can now check their status in meeting the requirement throughout the semester by choosing "Credit" in the top menu  and checking the line against their PIDs. This is a work in progress in response to student suggestions so please be patient with us as we try to update this perhaps every 2-3 weeks. At the end of each semester students will be reminded to check your status on this page and have 2-3 weeks to bring any errors to our attention. After that time, the record becomes permanent. At the beginning of the following semester, the page will bring forward the total number of credits from the previous semester to continue the ongoing tally.

The onus is on the student to understand the rules of this graduation requirement. Make attending seminars each semester part of your culture so that it doesn't become a burden and you won't even think of it as a requirement. You will be glad you had the opportunity to learn from your peers and you will feel better integrated into the department.

Objectives of Seminars

The seminars are intended to provide the students with exposure to the breadth of the research activities in the Department. Graduate students, post-docs, and faculty members will present seminars on a variety of topics. The seminars also provide an opportunity for doctoral students to gain experience with oral presentations of their research aimed at a diverse audience. The enrollment requirement is in place to encourage students to support their colleagues in this endeavor, to provide feedback to them, and to ask questions to gain a better understanding of their work.


Each student will enroll once for 1 credit of ENVR 400 in the semester they anticipate meeting the requirement (for masters students - attendance credit for at least 15 seminars; for doctoral students - a seminar presentation on their research plus attendance credits for at least 30 seminars not including their own presentation). If they do not meet the requirement in the semester they are enrolled, they will receive an incomplete that will require them to meet the seminar requirement within the next 12 months. If the student does not meet the requirement he/she will not be permitted to graduate. Please note that the credits obtained for ENVR 400 cannot be counted as part of the minimum number of credits required for graduation.

Doctoral students permanently out of state or at IMS for their research

Attend and receive credits for at least 15 seminars while you are taking other classes on campus. Show documentation from your committee to the Director of Graduate Studies (currently Dr. Steve Whalen) approving your off-campus and out of state assignment with start/end dates. When the moderator for ENVR 400 (currently Dr. Weinberg) receives that approval you will be notified by him. Only after that notification may you receive attendance credit with the remote attendance process. That process requires you to notify Dr. Weinberg by the preceding Monday of the seminar of your intent to watch the seminar and the IP address from which you will be watching. Submit your feedback following the same rules as for other students. One attendance credit is awarded per feedback (e.g. for 15 attendance credits you will need to submit 15 comprehensive feedbacks) for each IP address we are able to verify from the webstream statistics. We make no guarantee for the webstream quality or even if it will be available for a particular week so you should start accumulating these credits early on to avoid such issues. If subsequent to this arrangement you return to campus for your research you will no longer receive any attendance credits for seminars you do not attend in person.  You will still be required to return to campus to present your own ENVR 400 seminar prior to the semester in which you will graduate and the onus is on you to discuss the timing and secure a date with the course moderator.

If you have any questions related to the course requirements, please contact Dr. Howard Weinberg in Rosenau 146A at howard_weinberg<at>