ESE Seminar Requirement (ENVR 400) for ESE Graduate and Dual Degree Students

The onus is on the student to understand the rules for meeting this graduate requirement.

ESE students can now check their status in meeting the requirement throughout the semester by checking the PostEm tool in Sakai. At the end of each semester you will be reminded to check your status on this page and will have 2-3 weeks to bring any errors to our attention. After that time, the record becomes permanent. At the beginning of the following semester, the page will bring forward the total number of credits from the previous semester to continue the ongoing tally.

If you have any questions related to the course requirements, please contact Dr. Howard Weinberg in Rosenau 146A at howard_weinberg<at>

Dual Bachelor's/Master's (+1) Degrees

If you are considering staying on for a 5th year to obtain your Masters degree in ESE, you may start to accumulate attendance credits for ENVR 400 as an undergraduate.

  1. Apply to the dual degree program.
  2. ESE's Office of Student Affairs should notify the moderator for the class (currently Howard Weinberg) that the documentation has been received by them.
  3. Contact Dr. Weinberg before attending your first seminar to ensure he has received notification. Indicate to him that you have read and understood the course rules and requirements.
  4. Follow the rules below for Master's Degrees. (Do not enroll in the class during your first semester.)

Masters Degrees

Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral students permanently out of state or at IMS for their research

  1. Attend and receive credits for at least 15 seminars while you are taking other classes on campus.
  2. Show documentation from your committee to the Director of Graduate Studies (currently Dr. Steve Whalen) approving your off-campus assignment with start/end dates.
  3. When the moderator for ENVR 400 (currently Dr. Weinberg) receives that approval you will be notified by him. Only after that notification may you receive attendance credit with the remote attendance process.
  4. For remote attendance: notify Dr. Weinberg by the Monday preceding the seminar of your intent to watch and the IP address from which you will be watching. You must do this each week even if the IP address is the same. Failure to follow these instructions will nullify your attendance and feedback for that week. Submit your feedback following the same rules as for other students. One attendance credit is awarded per feedback (e.g. for 15 attendance credits you will need to submit 15 comprehensive feedbacks) for each IP address we are able to verify from the webstream statistics. We make no guarantee for the webstream quality or even if it will be available for a particular week so you should start accumulating these credits early on to avoid such issues.
  5. If you return to campus for your research you will no longer receive any attendance credits for seminars you do not attend in person. 
  6. You must still be on campus to present your own ENVR 400 seminar.  The onus is on you to discuss the timing and secure a date with the course moderator.