Non-ESE Graduate Students

Graduate students outside ESE who wish to enroll in ENVR 400 should read and understand the course requirements and rules, then contact the course moderator, Dr. Howard Weinberg, to obtain permission to enroll. If, after registering for the course, a student finds that they are unable to meet the attendance criteria, the student should withdraw from the course within the allotted time period. This is a Pass/Fail course.

Non-ESE Undergraduate Students

You will be considered for enrollment in the class if

  1. this is not the last semester of your studies at UNC,
  2. you make an appointment to meet with Dr Weinberg (course moderator) at least 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester
  3. you can provide evidence of your interest in environmental studies (usually through your past classes or extracurricular activities).

To enroll:

  1. First, contact the course moderator, Dr Weinberg, who will enroll you in the class if you can demonstrate a serious interest in the material and complete understanding of the criteria for your participation.
  2. After you are enrolled, go to your college advising office (Public Health students should talk to Dr. Weinberg) during the eligible period to declare the course pass/fail. Make sure you understand the full procedure and regulations for the Pass/Fail Option, as there are limitations. If you fail to declare this course as pass/fail you will receive a C grade. This cannot be changed.

Passing and Failing

Pass: Credit for attendance at 8 or more seminars in this series during a single semester counts as a pass grade for the course in the semester for which you are registered. Make sure you understand the requirements for attendance credit.

Incomplete: Failure to obtain credit for 8 seminars will register an incomplete grade for that semester if you discuss any extenuating circumstances with the course moderator. You will have to attend further seminars the following semester to convert the Incomplete to a Pass.

Fail: Failure to fulfill the attendance requirement without discussing any extenuating circumstances with the course moderator will register a fail grade. Failure to convert an incomplete to a pass grade will also result in a fail.