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Enrollment in Envr 400 for those Students In Programs Outside ESE


Students outside ESE who may wish to enroll in Envr 400, to obtain an exposure and formal record of attendance to the diversity of material covered in the field of environmental sciences, may do so on a single semester basis. Please contact the course moderator, Dr. Howard Weinberg, after reading and understanding the course requirements and rules to obtain permission to enroll in the class. A pass grade will be awarded to enrolled students who attend a minimum of 8 seminars and complete feedback forms for at least half those attended in the semester in which they are enrolled. Such students should make the lead faculty in this course aware of their intentions at the beginning of the semester. If a student attends less than 8 seminars or provides incomplete feedback for less than 4 seminars, the student will receive an incomplete grade. The student should, prior to the end of the semester initiate discussion with the lead faculty for this course to determine how the incomplete grade will be converted to a pass grade, essentially by making up for the missing seminars in a subsequent semester. In the absence of this discussion, the grade will automatically convert to a fail grade at the end of the subsequent semester.

Course Grading:

Credit for attendance at 8 or more seminars in this series during a single semester counts as a pass grade for the course in the semester for which the student is registered. Attendance is recorded by having your ONE Card scanned by the TA at the back of the lecture room before the seminar speaker starts talking. If you forget your ONE Card, your attendance will not count for that seminar. If a student leaves before class is dismissed or 12.50pm, whichever is earlier, their attendance at that seminar will be forfeited. If there are extenuating circumstances precluding prompt arrival at the seminar, discussions with the course moderator must take place in advance of the seminar to determine if the course requirement can be met for the semester.

Failure to obtain credit for 8 seminars, as described in the previous paragraph, will register an incomplete grade for that semester if the student communicates and discusses problems with attendance with the course moderator. The incomplete grade can then be converted to a pass grade as described in the previous paragraph. Failure to fulfill the attendance requirement without discussing the extenuating circumstances with the course moderators will register a fail grade as will failure to convert the incomplete to a pass grade as described in the previous paragraph. Students are responsible for planning their schedule for the semester to allow for fulfillment of this criterion. If, after registering for the course, a student finds that they are unable to meet the attendance criteria, the student should withdraw from the course within the allotted time period. Such students must meet the registration requirements by registering for the course in a subsequent semester.