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Information for Undergraduates and Others


If you are considering staying on for a 5th year to obtain your Masters degree in this department, you may start to accumulate attendance credits for ENVR 400 after you have applied to the plus one program and the Office of Student Affairs has notified the moderator for the class (currently Howard Weinberg) that the documentation has been received by them.

You will need to contact Dr. Weinberg in advance of attending your first seminar for credit to ensure that the above process has been followed. You will need to indicate to him that you have read and understood all the course rules and requirements. Please provide your PID. You should not enroll in the class during your first semester of attendance but follow the same rules as described under ESE Seminar Requirement (ENVR 400) for all Graduate Students.


You are very welcome to attend our seminars where you will learn of cutting edge environmental issues as presented by our faculty and students. You can only be considered for enrollment in the class if (i) this is not the last semester of your studies at UNC, (ii) you make an appointment to meet with Dr Weinberg (course moderator) at least 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester, and (iii) you can provide evidence of your interest in environmental studies (usually through your past classes or extracurricular activities).

To pass the class, you must:

Although you may bring laptops to the seminar to write notes and fill in the feedback form (as long as you do not disturb others), any other use will void your attendance at the seminar. Repeated occurrences will result in a failing grade for the class.

You should feel comfortable asking questions of the speaker during the discussion session and to meet with the speaker and others in the group to have follow-up discussions where your curiosity is piqued!

However, we are very serious about treating the speakers and others in the audience with respect. Do not register for this class if you cannot be in your seat by noon. Arrivals after the introductions are complete will discount your attendance at that seminar. Similarly, you should not register if you cannot stay until 12.50pm. We know that some discussion continues after this time but you will not be penalized if you leave at 12.50pm.

Finally, and perhaps for you, most importantly, registration for this class as a non-graduate student may have implications for the grade you receive so you must follow these instructions to the letter.

  1. First, contact the course moderator, Dr Weinberg, who will enroll you in the class if you can demonstrate a serious interest in the material and complete understanding of the criteria for your participation.
  2. After you are enrolled, you must go to your college advising office (for Arts and Sciences this is in Room 2002 Steele Building; for Public Health please come and talk to me) before the drop deadline for the semester and fill out the form to declare the course pass/d/fail. These requests are accepted after the online drop period ends about one to two weeks after the beginning of the semester. Some students may run into the limitations on p/d/f hours. Notably, undergraduate students may carry no more than 4 hrs of p/d/f coursework in a single semesters and must be enrolled in at least 9 graded hours in the same term. Overall limitations are a maximum of 11 hrs of 'declared' p/d/f, with an additional 7 hrs allowed for courses where the only grading option is p/d/f. The semester limit of 4 hrs does not distinguish between these two types.
  3. Having declared the course P/F, if you obtain a minimum of 8 attendance credits (how attendance works) in the semester in which you register, you will receive a Pass grade on your transcript. However, if you fail to declare this course as pass/fail you will receive a C grade. Please note that this is irrevocable. In other words, if you register for ENVR 400 and do not register for a pass/fail grade you will receive a C grade and this cannot be changed.
  4. If unforeseen circumstances prevent you from attending 8 seminars in the semester in which you registered, you will receive an incomplete grade only if you inform the instructor in advance and have registered for pass/fail. Otherwise you will receive an F grade. Incompletes can be converted to pass grades in a subsequent semester once the total of 8 seminars has been attended under the conditions described.

DO NOT REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE IF YOU CANNOT FULFILL ALL THE CONDITIONS DESCRIBED HERE. You are still welcome to attend seminars even if you have not registered.