Learn competent laboratory, field, analytical thought, and management skills.

These skills include:

  1. An understanding of the principles of environmental processes that involve chemical, biological, physical, and engineered techniques.
  2. Disciplined and organized report writing.
  3. Advanced literary skills so that reports reflect accurately and clearly on process and can be understood without misunderstanding by others.
  4. Oral skills, particularly the ability to present reasoned thoughts in group discussions.
  5. Advance numerate skills and fluency with the use of computer software programs for data analysis and report preparation, and appropriate data interpretation.
  6. A strong grounding in statistical analysis to afford quality assurance and control to data acquisition, interpretation and analysis.
  7. Critical examination of current techniques for collecting surface water, groundwater, soil and atmospheric samples to characterize chemical, biological, and physical properties.
  8. Laboratory skills and techniques with relevant application to companion courses.