All lab reports are due by 4 pm the following Wednesday unless otherwise indicated by the instructor.

Date Type Topic (click for lecture notes/labs - password protected; username=envr) Instructor
23-Aug TA Orientation - no class
30-Aug Lecture Introductions, Report writing, Objectives, Outcomes Weinberg
31-Aug Lab* Introduction to basic lab skills and use of statistical measurements
*Please meet in McGavran-Greenberg 2304
6-Sep Lecture Introduction to experimental design Walters
7-Sep Lab The Scientific Method - no handout Walters
13-Sep Lecture Soil Properties Whalen
14-Sep Field trip Soil collection from hog farm in eastern NC Whalen
20-Sep Lecture Soil nutrients Whalen
21-Sep Lab Soil methods including; moisture content, bulk density, particle density, porosity, texture, organic matter content, water holding capacity, and ammonia Whalen
27-Sep Lecture Trace gas fluxes in soils Whalen
28-Sep Lab Static chamber methodology Whalen
4-Oct Lecture Indices of microbial activity Whalen
5-Oct Lab Denitrifying enzyme activity -nitrous oxide using chromatographic methods Whalen
11-Oct Lecture Introduction to spectroscopy Sexton
12-Oct Lab UV-visible spectrophotometry applied to the analysis of air samples
NIOSH Method for Formaldehyde - Print and bring to lab
Fall break - No Class
25-Oct Lecture Source water quality Studer
26-Oct Lab Aggregate measurements of water; turbidity, conductivity, color, solids: Field trip to OWASA Studer
1-Nov Lecture Chemical equilibria in water Studer
2-Nov Lab Chemical quality of drinking water: pH, titrimetric analysis, acid-base titrations, alkalinity Studer
8-Nov Lecture Analysis of organics in air Nylander-French
9-Nov Lab Organic vapor sampling with detector and charcoal tubes Studer
15-Nov Lecture Introduction to chromatography and mass spectrometry Studer
16-Nov Lab Application of GC/MS to analysis of organic vapors Studer
Thanksgiving Break - No class
29-Nov Lecture Measurement of bacterial and viral pathogens in water
Class exercise - Print and bring to class
30-Nov Lab Laboratory methods for measurement of pathogens in water Bailey
6-Dec Lecture Aquatic ecosystems Weinberg
7-Dec Field Trip Integrated Water Systems House