Junior seminar
Fall 1997
Hillbilly Highway: Appalachia and America
Dr. Whisnant

Purposes of the Course:  

Course materials list:
Some General Online Resources:

Course Requirements:

    You will be responsible for completing the following components of work in the course.  Percentages of your final grade for each component are indicated in parentheses.

Class Sessions

        The following class sessions are grouped around five broad topics:

1. Introduction

2. Defining the Region I: How do you know when you are there?:

3. Defining the Region II: Questions That Are Useful, and Some That Are Not

4. Population I: The First Appalachian People: the Cherokees and others

5. Population II: White Mountaineers: Who came, from where, and when?         Draft #1 of City/County report due [See Instructions]

6. Economy I: The Preindustrial Economy and the Buying/Selling of the Mountains

7. Music I: Ballads 8. Economy II: Turnpikes, Hot Springs, and Railroad Hotels: Early Tourism  9. Defining the Region III: Mountaineers in Genteel Magazines: Local Color 10. Economy III: Tumult on the Mountains: Lumbering 11. Music II: Fiddle tunes 12. Economy IV: Birth and Growth of the Coal Industry 13. Defining the Region IV: Yellow Journalism and the Feuds 14. Population III: Churches 15. Cultural Politics I: All That Is Native and Fine: Settlement Schools and Festivals 16. Economy V: Bloody Harlan and Blair Mountain: The UMWA and the Mine Wars 17. Mid-term examination (Tuesday, October 14) FALL BREAK

18. Music III: String Bands

19. Population IV: Non-whites 20. Cultural Politics II: L'il Abner and Other Hillbillies: Print and material culture stereotypes
21. Economy VI: Strip Away, Big D-9 Dozer: Technological Change and Decline in the Coal Industry
22. Population V: Hillbilly Highway: Outmigration 23. Music IV: Commercial Country Music and Appalachia 24: Economy VII: Federal Development Programs (1) 25. Economy VIII: Federal Development Programs (2) 26. Economy IX: Later Tourism 27. Defining the Region V: Revisionist Paradigms 28. Population VI: "From Fussin' to Organizing": Individual vs.Organized Opposition 29. Music V: Music of Opposition and Revitalization 30. Cultural Politics III: Appalachia in Hollywood Films Note on final examination
 Copyright 1997 by David E. Whisnant