City-County Project Instructions
AMST 63: Hillbilly Highway: Appalachia and America
Dr. Whisnant


 This project, which you will work on incrementally during the semester, will count approximately 30% of your grade.

    It will be your job to learn everything your can about the city or county you choose (see list below), and to bring your increasing knowledge of it to bear upon your reading and the classroom discussions.  What you need to know about the city/county includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    You must use your own imagination and resourcefulness to locate the information you will need.  A few good places to start:
Published city and county histories
Published US Census data in the reference section of Davis Library
Published newspapers in Davis Library microfilm collection (2nd floor)
The US Census Bureau state and county map and statistics pages
UNC Libraries' Virtual Reference Desk [especially the "Government Information" section]
The Countries/Regions/US States section of Yahoo
United States Geological Survey home page, and USGS Eastern Region section
 For NC counties: 1997 North Carolina County and Regional Economic Development Scans
City Net  [a tourist-oriented site, but has useful information on government, etc.]
    The point of this assignment is to (1) give you a project that you will carry throughout the semester, about which you will gain an increasing sense of authority and mastery; (2) to familiarize you with the sources for learning the detailed history of specific places; (3) to provide you with an area of expertise that you will be able to contribute usefully to class discussion; and (4) to help you to understand in a concrete way that virtually no generalization about "Appalachia" is tenable without careful attention to local variations.

    You will present what you learn about the city/county (1) in a series of  progressively elaborated draft reports, (see below); (2) through your remarks in class at appropriate moments, and (3) in a Summary County/City Profile at the end of the semester.  This report is to be prepared as a World Wide Web document, suitable for uploading to the web.  It should be designed so as to be as broadly useful as possible to others (students, faculty, the general public).

    Grades given on the successive drafts will be advisory only -- to help you gauge the level of your work in relation to that which is expected when you present your final report at the end of the semester.

List of acceptable cities/counties [see me if you have a particular interest in another one not included on the list]:

Gainesville GA 
Asheville NC 
Knoxville TN 
Kingsport TN 
Bristol TN/VA 
Roanoke VA 
Charleston WV 
Hazard KY 
Middlesboro KY 
Fannin GA 
Rabun GA 
Union GA 
Whitfield GA 
Bell KY 
Floyd KY 
Letcher KY 
Perry KY 
Pike KY 
Alleghany MD 
Garrett MD 
Ashe NC 
Cherokee NC 
Haywood NC 
Madison NC 
Swain NC 
Transylvania NC 
Pickens SC 
Carter TN 
Sullivan TN 
Buchanan VA 
Wise VA 
McDowell WV 
Raleigh WV
 Draft phases:

        Draft  #1:

        Draft #2:        Draft #3         Draft  #4