Current Version: 0.7.0


Do you have an idea for a new feature or a change that would make MlView better? We'd love to hear from you!

Please submit the idea as a feature request in bugzilla. This is exactly like reporting a bug, the only difference is that you put "Enhancement" as the Bug's severity. And to help keep the Bug database up to date, you should also revisit the Bug after creating it, and add the 'rfe' keyword.

Once the idea is in BugZilla, developers will see it and then they can go about implementing it when they have the time.


Hmm...Dodji could provide some content here? Roadmap coming soon.


MLView is built using pre-treated lumber, which prevents bugs. But, if you do find one you can report it here (harmless registration required). View the complete list of bugs here.


GNOME's popularity is arguably attributable to the HIG , of which internationalization is major component. MLView fully intends on adhering to the "Don't Limit Your User Base" principle which enhances general usability. This is one of the areas where non-programmers can help out tremendously. Having more translations means having more users. Having more users means more programmers, bug reports, and other contributors. This benefits all who use MLView.