Current Version: 0.7.0

Download Binaries

Fedora and Red Hat rpms are packaged independently by Dag Wieƫrs (and we thank him!). If you know of other binaries for any distro, please let us know! If you want to submit a package, join the mailing list and let us know.

Download Sources

Official releases are available here. You can also grab the latest CVS build and help test out new features (see instructions below). And, if you want the bleeding edge, you can get latest sources fresh from the oven via GNU ARCH (see instructions below).


  1. Login to the anonymous GNOME CVS server. You'll be prompted for a password, but there is no password (since you are anonymous). Just press enter and you will be given access.
    cvs login
  2. Checkout mlview sources. This will create a directory called mlview in your current working directory.
    cvs -z3 co mlview
  3. Enter the mlview directory.
    cd mlview
  4. Run the autogen shell script. This script checks dependencies (we should really list them here to avoid questions later :) and generates the makefiles.
  5. Run make to build MlView.
  6. Change to root user for the installation.
    su -
  7. Install MlView!
    make install
  8. Run MlView


  1. Don't fear tla!