The purpose of this assignment is to introduce candidates to the organizational attributes of a test blueprint. This will help candidates become more reflective in their assessment by looking back at their instruction.

Learning Objectives

Candidates will be able to:

  • Standards

    This assignment will help us to address the following standards:

    N.C Standard Course of Study


    Goal 3: Objective 3.02: The learner will develop an understanding of the unity and diversity of life.  

    Classify organisms according to currently accepted systems.


    Standard 3: Diverse Learners The teacher understands how students differ in their approaches to learning and creates instructional opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners.

    Standard 8: Assessment The teacher understands and uses formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous intellectual, social, and physical development of the learner.

    NSTA Content Standards: Proposed for Fall 2004

    Standard 8: Assessment

    a. Use multiple assessment tools and strategies to achieve important goals for instruction that are aligned with methods of instruction and the needs of students.

    b. Use the results of multiple assessments to guide and modify instruction, the classroom environment, or the assessment process.

    c. Use the results of assessments as vehicles for students to analyze their own learning, engaging students in reflective self-analysis of their own work.



    Standard 8:  Science teachers create and use appropriate assessment strategies and instruments to improve science instruction for all students.

    Assignment Directions

    You will later print this activity and insert the final copy in the Technology Connections section of your Professional Resource Notebook.

    Download the following document entitled Test Construction Blueprint.

    Using your minimum of 10 lab practical assessment items:

    a) code the items according to Bloom's Taxonomy and for content topic

    b) place the assessment numbers (e.g., question #1) into the cell in the blueprint table

    c) determine the number and percentage of questions for the content area (horizontally) and for Bloom's cognitive level of difficulty (vertically).

    d) based upon your test blueprint answer the following questions:

    i)     Did you teach the way you are assessing?

    ii)    Why is there a higher percentage of questions at one level of the taxonomy compared to another?

    iii)   How are your questions distributed based upon content and difficulty?

    iv)   How might you change your instruction and assessment due to the percentages of content and question type?


    You must submit your Questions and Test Blueprint to the instructor in the Digital Drop Box. Code the assignment m4s6a4111604xxxxx.