Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study (MACS)

MACS Public Data Set: Release PO6

Cut-off date: Cut-off date for this release of MACS Public Data Set is October 1, 1993.
Data covered Visits 1 through 19 of MACS. Data Components Included in This Release of Tape:

  1. Original Cohort:
    The original 4,954 gay and bisexual men volunteered since the beginning of the MACS study in 1984. They were followed up semi-annually. In each visit the data sets of physical examination, sections 2, 3, and 4 of questionnaires and laboratory results were generated.

  2. New Recruit Cohort:
    From April 1987 through September 1991, recruitment was opened to focus on minority and special target groups such as partners of the original cohort. Version of new recruit baseline questionnaires of physical examination, sections 2, 3 and 4 were initially applied to this cohort. In their follow-up visits this cohort was tested and interviewed along with the original cohort.

  3. Neuropsychological Cohort:
    In 1987 MACS centers began administering neuropsychological tests to a subgroup of the original cohort. The following forms were used to collect their testing results. The NP wave specific interviews and testing was ended by Wave 10. Beginning Visit 15 of the main cohort, NP related forms were administered at the time of the participant's semi-annual visit.

  4. Health Service Utilization and Economics:
    In 1990, questions health service utilization and economics related to HIV-1 disease were developed and piloted during visit 13. These questions were finalized and incorporated in the regular visit questionnaire starting with MACS visit 14.

  5. There are three types of files: 'cdb', 'dat' and 'inp' files. 'cdb' files are all codebook files including variable description, 'dat' files are corresponding data files, 'inp' files are corresponding SAS input. Related 'cdb', 'dat' and 'inp' files have the same names. Please refer to "README" file of the CD for more information.