Serhan Ziya
Department of Statistics and Operations Research
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Ph. D. Students Supervised

Nan Liu, Appointment Scheduling in Healthcare, co-advised with Vidyadhar Kulkarni, graduated in 2009, assistant professor at the Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University.

Jianzhe Luo, Queueing Approaches to Appointment System Design, co-advised with Vidyadhar Kulkarni, graduated in 2012, research scientist at Amazon Inc.

Alex Mills, Patient Prioritization and Resource Allocation in Mass-Casualty Incidents, co-advised with Nilay Tanik Argon, graduated in 2012, assistant professor at the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University.

Masters Students Supervised

Christine Luong, Carillon Assisted Living Dynamic Pricing Model, Spring 2012.

Aaron Ratcliffe, A Simulation Study for Outpatient Appointment Scheduling, Spring 2008.

Serkan Alacam, A Review of Recent Work in Call Center Operations, Spring 2007.

Pranav Gupta, A Computational Study for Patient Triage in the Aftermath of Mass-Casualty Incidents, Spring 2007.

Berkant Camdereli, Markov Decision Models in Medical Decision Making, Fall 2006.

Yanmei Fu, Dynamic Pricing Strategies for Fashion and Seasonal Products, Spring 2006.

Ke Wang, Dynamic Pricing for Queueing Systems, Spring 2006.

Allison Barnes, Vehicle Replacement Policies for the North Carolina Department of  Administration, Spring 2005.