Quantum Encryption

The future of encryption may hold even more advances in the form of quantum encryption

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Timeline of Encryption

After World War II

Date Description
1956 KW-26 electronic encryption system developed for use by the US government
1970 Lucifer cipher developed at IBM
1976 Design based on the Lucifer cipher becomes the Data Encryption Standard (DES) by the National Security Agency
1977 RSA, the first viable public key encryption method, is created
1982 ROT13 introduced into USENET in order to hide objectionable material or spoilers from accidental viewing
1991 Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) public key encryption released as freeware
1991 MD5 hash algorithim introduced
1994 Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protocal released
1995 SHA hash algorithim introduced
2001 Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) chosen by the NSA to replace DES


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