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  • The dancing doesn’t stop

    The annual Dance Marathon festivities went virtual this year, taking the 24-hour party to social media in an effort to support the families of the UNC Children’s Hospital from afar.

  • #GDTBATH: Marianne Cruzat

    Through Carolina's innovation network, senior Marianne Cruzat has set the foundation for new entrepreneurial opportunities that she wouldn’t have pursued otherwise.

  • The welcome mat is out at Carolina’s new Visitors Center

    The UNC Visitors Center opens its new, tech-savvy location on Franklin Street. Situated next to Porthole Alley, this tangible connection of town and gown couldn’t be in a more iconic setting.

  • Building community through food

    As part of the University's celebration of African American Heritage Month, Carolina Dining Services and the Black Student Movement hosted a Mama Dip’s takeover at Chase Dining Hall.

  • Well Said: 2020’s extra special day

    On this week's podcast, sophomore Lauren Stiller talks about turning 5 this weekend, and Jordan Sheely, a senior astrophysics major and science educator at Morehead Planetarium and Science Center, explains why we have leap years.

  • Learning the art of letterpress

    In the College of Arts & Sciences' art and art history department, students are using letterpress to create new works of art.

  • Tar Heel Trailblazer: Willie Cooper

    Willie Cooper was the first African American to play basketball for an ACC Carolinas school as a member of UNC-Chapel Hill's 1964-65 freshman team. On Saturday, he was honored for opening the door for future players.

  • What do you love about Carolina?

    There's a lot to love about Carolina. Here's why these Tar Heels love the University.