Bold Moves

Topple a paradigm. Uncover the unknown. Bold moves presume nothing – except innovation.

  • Hanger management

    Carolina doctoral student Jennifer MacCormack studies how physical states impact human emotions. In her most recent study, she examined what makes people hangry.

    Press the play button for her tips for avoiding hanger.

  • Learning from Frankenstein’s monster

    Undergraduate students from Jeanne Moskal's English 295 Honors class spent a semester using rare materials from the Wilson Special Collections Library to research and develop an exhibition on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

  • For the love of dog

    In a Maymester course, Carolina students examined the bonds between humans and dogs that are so familiar in Western culture but have neither been practiced worldwide nor for very long over the course of human history.

  • Carolina student entrepreneur makes a Paris pitch

    Edwina Koch used an Innovate Carolina Dreamers-Who-Do sponsorship to compete in a business pitch competition hosted by Saint Louis University.

  • Fostering entrepreneurship

    Carolina entrepreneurs and innovators are helping to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Through their ingenuity, they provide economic and social value in North Carolina and beyond

  • Students embrace the roots of photography

    In the age of digital photography, a group of Carolina students are sticking to the art's roots and working in a darkroom.

  • Student-run thrift shop creates a less-is-more solution

    UNC-Chapel Hill's first student-run thrift shop is creating a better way to reduce the waste that occurs on campus each year while encouraging socially responsible consumerism.

  • Saving an endangered language

    Sociolinguistic scholar and American studies assistant professor Ben Frey is helping revitalize the Cherokee language.