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Bold Moves

Topple a paradigm. Uncover the unknown. Bold moves presume nothing – except innovation.

  • Two researchers in white lab gear work in a covid-19 testing lab.

    COVID-19 Testing: How Carolina built a frontline defense

    University faculty and staff worked tirelessly to build a state-of-the-art COVID-19 testing program, even taking efficiency cues from fast-food drive-through experts. Learn how they did it and why their work is critical for a successful spring semester.

  • Two children play on a Nugget sofa

    Meet the Tar Heels behind this year’s hottest toy

    Three Carolina alumni founded Nugget Comfort, a children’s furniture company whose play couch has become one of the most sought-after gifts this holiday season.

  • Andy Andrews stands in front of the sociologu Hall of Fame.

    A decorated department turns 100

    When looking for leaders over the past century, national organizations and the University have repeatedly turned to Carolina’s sociology department.

  • Lenore Hango holds a lightbulb.

    Setting a field alight

    With support from student researchers, Benjamin Mason Meier has finalized a first-of-its-kind textbook integrating human rights policy into public health education — a guiding light to aid the next generation of researchers.

  • Assortment of healthy food on a table

    Learning about the broader contexts of food

    Focusing on topics ranging from North Carolina’s pork industry to school lunches, the College of Arts & Sciences' "Southern Food Studies: Food and Race in America” course is causing some Carolina students to think twice about the food on their forks.

  • Luke Habegger and Megan Schneider hold a large check they won in a pitch competition.

    Helping fellow Tar Heels navigate mental health support

    Carolina junior Megan Schneider co-founded Mind Above Matter, which curates all of Carolina’s mental health resources in one, easily accessible digital format, to ensure all Tar Heels have access to the support they need when they need it most.

  • Students hug at commencement.

    The Carolina Covenant in action

    Carolina Covenant director Candice Powell reflects on the impact of the program and planning its future success.

  • Tim Shehan works in a lab.

    Tackling COVID-19

    As one of the first research facilities in the U.S. to receive a COVID-19 sample and begin testing for potential therapies, Carolina’s response to the threat of the coronavirus was immediate and remains unyielding.