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Dynamic Minds

Search. Grapple. Grasp. Question. For the dynamic mind, knowledge is a tool, and how you use it can move mountains.

  • Orlando Hernandez

    Taking a step forward

    The process of going from high school to college always felt like a bit of an unknown for Orlando Hernandez, but through Carolina's C-STEP program, the Tar Heel found the support and guidance he was looking for.

  • Skylar Mclean

    A different path

    Carolina has been Skylar Mclean's dream school since she was a kid, but while attending high school, she didn't feel that she was academically or financially ready for Carolina. A school field trip to a local community college changed the trajectory of her post-secondary education plans of pursuing a career in nursing.

  • Jordan Truglio standing outside.

    Getting to Carolina, step by step

    A former marine sergeant and current Tar Heel Jordan Truglio shares his journey to Carolina.

  • Enya Dewars in a white dress

    C-STEP carves a path to Ph.D.

    C-Step alumna Enya Dewars is using what she learned in the program in her doctorate work as a researcher.

  • Mimi Tra

    Learning how to ask for help

    Senior Mimi Tra overcame medical hurdles to attend Carolina through C-STEP, all while also serving as an EMT.

  • A firefighter spraying water with a hose.

    Tar Heels serve and study across the globe

    From fighting wildfires in California to unearthing 1,600-year-old mosaics in Israel, Carolina’s faculty, staff and students share snapshots of their recent activities.

  • Britney Hong

    A storied history

    Junior Britney Hong conducted oral histories of Southeast Asian American writers in North Carolina through a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

  • Preston Fore standing in front of the CNN logo.

    Summer internship experiences develop skills, provide invaluable career insights

    The Hussman School caught up with six students who interned around the country this summer to learn more about how they gained experience in their field.