Dynamic Minds

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  • Well Said: From Carolina to Cisco

    On this week’s episode, business administration major Bryan Hernandez talks Winter Commencement and the journey that led him there.

  • Graduating senior snags a prestigious role at Amazon

    Selina Zhang's risky decision to change her major toward the end of her junior year paid off. She snagged a job as a software engineer at tech giant Amazon and will start her career in Seattle after she graduates on Dec. 15.

  • A Diamond Heel returns to campus to earn his degree

    When RC Orlan signed his first professional contract with the Washington Nationals in 2012, he made a promise to himself that he would return to Carolina to finish his degree. He will fulfill that promise this weekend.

  • Solar that sells

    Professor Jinsong Huang is working to change the renewable power industry with his perovskite solar cell method that will make solar energy more affordable.

  • Well Said: This is your brain on stress

    On this week’s podcast, assistant professor Dr. Anthony Zannas examines how your genes determine your response to stressors and what that means for your physical health.

  • #GDTBATH: Jeromy Rech

    In addition to working to incorporate new materials for the creation of solar panels, graduate student Jeromy Rech is focused on helping other students succeed through mentoring and teaching.

  • How to think like an entrepreneur

    After a successful career as an entrepreneur in television and digital media, Carolina alumnus and teacher Bernard Bell is sharing his tips for learning to think like Steve Jobs.

  • A Tar Heel astronaut

    A member of the Artemis program, Carolina alumna and NASA astronaut candidate Zena Cardman is taking her research journey to space.