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  • Well Said: Finding a home away from home at Carolina

    On this week's podcast, graduating senior Carlos Perez-Heydrich shares how he was able to find a home away from home in Chapel Hill with the Chancellor’s Science Scholars and what he’s learned about himself during his time at Carolina.

  • Graduating Tar Heels: Stephany Pritchard

    Press the play button to learn how one graduating student balanced a job and family life on her way to a master's degree.

  • Graduating Tar Heels: Conrad Ma

    Press the play button to learn how the computer science major and Morehead-Cain Scholar used his love of beatboxing to make the transition to life in America after growing up in China.

  • Graduating Tar Heels: Ben Sutton

    This weekend, Ben Sutton will be graduating with a master’s degree in radiologic sciences, beginning a career as a radiologist assistant.

  • A conversation with Cheryl Giscombé: the unique stress black women face

    Nursing professor Cheryl Giscombé answers questions about the health challenges African-American women face and the pressure to live up to the “strong black woman” persona.

  • Well Said: Pearl Harbor

    In this week's podcast, history professor Joe Glatthaar discusses the context surrounding the attack on Pearl Harbor.

  • First in nursing

    Press the play button to learn how the UNC School of Nursing is developing exceptional nurse leaders who advance health care to improve lives.

  • Teaching kids to code

    Angelina Patel launched a program to teach coding to elementary and middle school students while also breaking down negative stereotypes about coding being nerdy or unappealing.