Dynamic Minds

Search. Grapple. Grasp. Question. For the dynamic mind, knowledge is a tool, and how you use it can move mountains.

  • Preserving stories for future generations

    Bill Ferris spent his career documenting the stories and music of the American South. His life's work has now resulted in two Grammy awards.

  • Tackling the toughest problems in education

    Since its founding in 1877, the UNC School of Education has become a leading research-intensive organization ranked among the top 20 schools of education at public universities.

  • Pursuing purpose

    After a 14-year career in technology, Dalila Dragnić-Cindrić became interested in improving P-12 education while volunteering in her son’s first-grade classroom and seeing the importance of understanding how children learn.

  • Keeping high-performing teachers in the classroom

    UNC School of Education professor Matthew Springer found that a key to improving struggling schools could be paying retention bonuses to teachers.

  • Well Said: The songs of the American South

    Bill Ferris, the Joel R. Williamson eminent professor emeritus of history, never could have imagined being nominated for two Grammy Awards when he first picked up a camera at 12 years old.

  • Folt prepares to move on to her ‘new and next’

    In her nearly six years as chancellor, Carol L. Folt launched The Blueprint for Next and the largest fundraising campaign in University history and oversaw an unprecedented rise in research at Carolina.

  • An origin story

    Most theoretical physicists don’t see their predictions confirmed in their lifetimes, as it can take centuries to discover the physical phenomena that marks them true. But that hasn’t been the case for Laura Mersini-Houghton, who’s seen six of her predictions about the origins of the universe verified in the last decade.

  • Well Said: Reducing stress through mindfulness

    Kessonga Giscombé, a husband, father, faculty member and student, manages the stress in his life by practicing mindfulness — and teaching it, too.