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Dynamic Minds

Search. Grapple. Grasp. Question. For the dynamic mind, knowledge is a tool, and how you use it can move mountains.

  • #GDTBATH: Madyson Barber

    #GDTBATH: Madyson Barber

    There are currently more than 4,000 identified exoplanets, and senior Madyson Barber is searching for more. Earlier this summer, she was one of two Carolina undergrads to be named an NC Space Grant Undergraduate Research Scholar.

  • Sierra Roark in her office.

    If plants could talk

    Anthropology graduate student Sierra Roark seeks to tell a more inclusive history by studying plant remains and the medicinal uses of plants in the South.

  • Jon Abramowitz standing outside near trees.

    How to return to ‘normal’

    Navigating new social etiquettes and reentering social situations after more than a year of the pandemic isn't going to be a simple transition. Carolina clinical psychology professor Jonathan Abramowitz shared advice for easing the transition.

  • #GDTBATH: Jasmine Akoto

    #GDTBATH: Jasmine Akoto

    For rising senior Jasmine Akoto, coming to Carolina and joining the Chancellor’s Science Scholars was the best decision of her life. Since joining the program, she has had access to career-developing and life-changing opportunities and experiences.

  • Photo of Addie Wilson on the roof of the Fedex Center holding a hive of bees.

    #GDTBATH: Addie Wilson

    Senior Addie Wilson has always been interested in environmentalism, but what that looked like changed after she learned about the Carolina Beekeeping Club.

  • UNC professor Francesca Tripodi

    How to improve your media literacy skills

    Sophisticated algorithms have changed the landscape of the internet, making media literacy a skill that needs to be constantly sharpened.

  • Jianping Lu and Otto Zhou sitting on a stone wall.

    A sharper image

    Carolina researchers Jianping Lu and Otto Zhou have spent the last two decades refining technology that makes X-ray machines smaller, faster, safer and sharper — research that’s changing the world of dentistry, medicine and security.

  • Gaby Iori in her cap and gown.

    Saying goodbye to Carolina

    Gaby Iori considers her decision to transfer to Carolina one of the best decisions she's ever made. As her time as a student in Chapel Hill comes to a close, the graduating Tar Heel took one last trip around campus to say goodbye to some of the places she'll miss the most.