Dynamic Minds

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  • #GDTBATH: Allie Omens

    Senior Allie Omens spends her free time at Carolina tackling environmental issues, including working toward a waste-free campus.

  • #GDTBATH: Gabriela Silva

    As a student ambassador at the Carolina Latinx Center, first-year student Gabriela Silva is helping make Carolina a more inclusive campus.

  • #GDTBATH: Michelle Ballasiotes

    Carolina student Michelle Ballasiotes is using her personal experience to raise awareness for pediatric strokes.

  • How to make a good impression

    Ovul Sezer knows how not to be a jerk, according to science. Her research focuses on social behaviors we think will get us ahead but that actually backfire, like humblebragging and name-dropping.

  • Well Said: Breaking down fake news

    On this week's podcast, Alice Marwick, a founding member of Carolina’s Center for Information, Technology and Public Life, discusses fake news and why it is created.

  • How to accomplish almost any goal

    Paschal Sheeran’s research has found that we successfully achieve our goals only half the time. Here he shares three steps to go from dreaming to doing.

  • Well Said: Celebrating a historic gift

    On a special episode of Well Said, Carolina alumnus Walter Hussman Jr. and Susan King, dean of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media, discuss the future of the news industry.

  • Well Said: The science behind the bet

    On this week's episode, finance professor Camelia Kuhnen discusses neuroeconomics and the science behind financial decision-making.