Impact on Our State

Supporting the community that supports us. Our success is North Carolina’s success. 

  • Celebrating five decades of Project Uplift

    From SAT/ACT prep and academic explorations to Franklin Street tours and a culture show, Project Uplift gives high school students a complete 360-degree view of life as a college student.

  • Preventing waterborne illness after a hurricane

    Rachel Noble of Carolina’s Institute of Marine Sciences talks about her rapid water quality tests and how they can help North Carolinians stay safe during hurricane season.

  • Helping North Carolina communities fight opioid epidemic

    The Opioid Response Project, directed by Carolina's School of Government, brings together faculty experts from diverse fields to help address the opioid problem in North Carolina, in partnership with local governments.

  • A drive to help others

    Carolina senior Kevin Travia has experienced both sides of health care access, and that’s why he’s driven to bring primary care to those who need it.

  • Horticulture, history and hurricanes

    In starting a community garden, the Coharie tribe reclaim their autonomy in agriculture, transforming it into a place for healing and community. Carolina senior Sierra Dunne records their story.

  • Well Said: Making an impact in North Carolina

    On this episode of Well Said, UNC School of Government professor Anita Brown-Graham discusses an initiative that is taking on some of North Carolina's biggest challenges.

  • Treating patients holistically

    UNC-PrimeCare is working to address the needs of people across the life span, reaching out to serve rural and underserved communities and populations in North Carolina.

  • Giving back to North Carolina

    Service-learning students spent their spring breaks providing community service throughout the state and the region.