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A passion for physical training

Press the play button to see how senior Andre Gomez-Demine is tapping into what he's learning in the classroom to help community members achieve their fitness goals.

Whether he’s in the classroom or not, exercise and sport science is always top of mind for Carolina senior Andre Gomez-Demine.

It’s not just one of his majors. It’s a lifelong passion.

“I’ve been into fitness since I was young, but I also knew at a very young age that I wanted to help people with their fitness,” said Gomez-Demine, who is majoring in anthropology and exercise and sport science.

That goal led him to the perfect student job as a personal trainer at Campus Recreation.

For several hours each week, he works one-on-one with his six clients, helping them achieve their fitness goals.

Gomez-Demine uses many of the concepts he learns in the classroom for his job, but the real-world experience is only part of what makes physical training rewarding for him.

“There’s no better feeling than seeing the look on their face after they hit a new [personal record] or they learn a new lift or they’re progressing with their weight loss and their fat loss,” Gomez-Demine said. “I realized after the first session that I love doing what I’m doing, and I continue to love what I’m doing to this day.”