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Ten years of impact

For a decade, the Carolina College Advising Corps has helped increase college enrollment across North Carolina

Since its inception 10 years ago, the Carolina College Advising Corps has become an invaluable part of Carolina’s commitment to opportunity by partnering with low-income high schools throughout North Carolina to increase college enrollment across the state.

The work of the Corps – inspiring students to discover a world of post-secondary education – has been successful because of its student-focused mission.

“The foundation of our program is definitely to serve students,” said Yolanda Keith, program director of the Carolina College Advising Corps. “That’s what we do.” 

When the program first started, four advisers worked at eight high schools. Now, 10 years later, Carolina College Advising Corps has grown to 57 advisers and 76 partner high schools. This translates to 14,000 graduating high school seniors, many of whom were previously unfamiliar with even the idea of college.

“Wherever you are in North Carolina, no matter what your circumstance, there’s something this University can do for you and with you,” said Stephen Farmer, vice provost for enrollment and undergraduate admissions.