The University is currently operating under Reduced Campus Services and Operations due to COVID-19

An introduction to the Carolina Together Testing Program

The Carolina Together Testing Program will provide the most efficient and effective testing process possible so that the University can be a safe and inclusive living, working and learning environment for all.

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As part of the University’s new robust Carolina Together Testing Program, all undergraduate students living on campus and the nearby community will be required to participate in regular asymptomatic evaluation testing. Graduate students accessing campus or living with more than 10 people will also participate in regular testing. Testing for other graduate students and for employees working on campus will be available but voluntary.

This asymptomatic evaluation testing for students, faculty and staff will be conducted at three campus locations: The Carolina Union, Rams Head Recreation Center and CURRENT ArtSpace + Studio at Carolina Square on Franklin Street.

These evaluation testing locations are intended for asymptomatic testing only. Symptomatic students will continue to be tested at Campus Health. Employees who are experiencing symptoms or believe they have been exposed to COVID-19 should contact the University Employee Occupational Health Clinic.

The tests for asymptomatic students will be self-administered PCR anterior nares nasal swab tests, which means they are not as invasive as other nasal swabs you may have had or heard about. Tests will be processed at a lab on campus, and results should be available within 48 hours.

The Carolina Together Testing Program will also utilize a new web-based application called HallPass, which is designed to assist Tar Heels in the testing program. It is a mobile-friendly app that registers members, informs and reminds them about testing and provides a streamlined interface at the testing location.

This plan is a campus-wide effort developed by faculty and staff who identified UNC-Chapel Hill resources that can be utilized to provide the most efficient and effective testing program possible.

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