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Well Said: Falling in love with love songs

On this week's podcast, musician and Carolina professor Jocelyn Neal explains what makes love songs so lovely.

Love songs have the power to define big moments in our lives.

“You have a proposal song or a wedding song or a prom song, and then people remember that moment and they remember that song,” Jocelyn Neal said.

The Bowman and Gordon Gray Distinguished Term Professor of Music in the College of Arts & Sciences, Neal specializes in Southern music studies, but she said love songs fulfill the same purpose in all genres.

“They come in so many different layers,” she said. “There’s been a number of people who’ve done great research on what songs are about, and without a doubt, three-quarters of songs in country music — and slightly higher in pop — are either about happy love or lost love, and that’s the framing device.”

No matter what state of love someone might find themselves in, there’s a song out there to express it.

On this week’s episode, Neal shares what makes a good love song.

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